Bhubaneswar: Valentine’s Day or 14 February is celebrated across the world as a day of love, so, there can be no better day for acid attack survivor Pramodini Raul, to get engaged to her partner and love of her life Saroj Sahoo.

Saroj, a native of Cuttack had met Pramodini in hospital, way back in 2014 while she was getting treatment for her infected leg.

Reportedly, Saroj was moved by Pramodini’s widowed mother’s struggle in the hospital, as she was doing everything for her from taking her for physiotherapy to bringing medicines.

He was initially hesitant to talk to her but he started talking to her and helping her to recover of the scar and slowly friendship grew between them.

During the worst phase of Pramodini’s life he was there with her as a supporter. Even at the time when she had lost all her hopes of her recovery, but Saroj didn’t lose his hope. He rather encouraged Pramodini , motivated her to stay positive and not to lose hopes.

As feelings for Pramodini developed he had proposed her in 2016, but still Pramodini had her doubts, as how can anybody love her with face completely disfigured.

However, Saroj’s persistence to make her his bride, made Pramodini accept his love and she said yes.

Even though Saroj’s family were against their relationship, but after seeing Saroj’s love for Pramodini they have accepted her and are proud for them.