Bhubaneswar: Veteran actress Mahasweta Ray, who won the best supporting actor for ‘Dele Dhara Katha Sare’ in 28th Odisha State Film Awards, was not happy with her win as she expected the award for her performance in ‘Chinni’.

She said that she just want to known the selection process of the award. As according to her she had given one of best performance of her career in ‘Chinni’.

“My performance in ‘Chini’ is better than that of in ‘Dele Dhara Katha Sare’. I was expecting an award for ‘Chini’ as I had delivered one of my best performances,” said Ray.

She asserted that her performance in ‘Chinni’ was liked and praise by the audience also.

On the other hand, the jury committee members of the awards have claimed that process was clean and transparent.

Bipin Bihari Mishra, former Odisha DGP, the Chairman of the Jury committee said that, “The jury compromised of qualified and experienced people who have selected the winner on the basis of merit.”

“The selection was fair and no favouritism involved while selecting the winner,” claimed Mishra.

Notably, the State government had announcedThe 28th Odisha State Film Awards in 27 categories on Monday.