Boudh: Success is possible for anyone despite challenges, circumstances, gender or age. Despite all the struggles that have come her way, Ambika Matia has scripted truly inspirational stories.

Ambika Matia, a widow and a resident of Sajigaon under Badigaon Gramapanchayat in Boudh district, is a bright example of strong determination, patience, dedication and conviction.

Ambika Matia resides in Sajigaon village along with her two daughters and one son among whom her elder daughter is married. Apart, younger daughter is helping her mother in her shop after completing her graduation and her son Ghasiram Matia is pursuing his graduation in a nearby College. During leisure, he never fails to offer his hands in farming and shop to help his mother out.

She lost her husband Surendra Matia in 2002. This left Ambika heartbroken making her clueless how to survive.

“My children gave me courage and strength to be strong, and I learnt to live for them teaching them to survive. By the grace of God, everything is going well now,’’ Ambika stated.

“After my husband’s death, there was no one to look after the farming lands. So, I tightened my belt to cultivate in it. People taunted witnessing a woman holding plough, but I hardly cared. Now, I cultivate rice, watermelon, different kinds of pulses throughout the year. I invest two hours daily in the morning and evening in harvesting. In the upcoming years, I’m aiming to harvest different types of vegetables,’’ told she, adding.

Though her son is aged enough to take the responsibilities of shop and farms in his leisure time, Ambika is still unable to forget the pain and hardships of those days when the entire society was against her decision to run a shop.

“My struggle will breathe its last when my younger daughter will get married and my son will get a job,’’ she said.

When asked to Ghasiram, he replied, ‘’I’m preparing for Army or Police Service. I’m keen to join Army.’’

Ambika also extends her gratitude to YCDA, an NGO, for supporting her during the time of need. The NGO has been helping Ambika’s son since 2011 under a sponsorship care arrangement of “Alternative Child Care’’.

To be added with, IGP has sanctioned two loans of Rs 10,000 each in a low interest to expand her business. Ambika has taken the benefits from this loan to extend her shop effectively.

“Along with this, Ambika and her family were secured with Job Card, Labour Card, Ration Card, Ujjwal , Monthly Remuneration Schemes etc.

Being a widow in male dominated society, it was never a cake walk for Ambika to bring up her children fruitfully. Going against odds and breaking the stereotypes, she stood like a mountain despite hundred hurdles. All her destitutions were eradicated and prayers were listened to make her recognised as an inspirational figure for women around. She has imprinted an identity of her through her forbearance, commitment, persistence, and strong-mindedness.