Angul: At a time when we come across several  news articles about how students are risking their lives by crossing rivers, or trekking hilly terrains or walking miles to reach school regularly, but there are some schools where teachers are trying to bring students to schools.

One such school is Indira Gandhi Girls High School in Baranpala block in Angul district, where the teachers are paying from their pockets to bring students to the school as their jobs are under threat as per the government guidelines.

Reportedly, according to government rule, if a school is not having 30 students then it would be closed. Similarly if a class has less than 30 students, then class would also be shelved.

But at Indira Gandhi Girls High School, there is no such problem and seven teachers are there to teach 60 students.

As the number of children coming to school is decreasing year by year, the teachers are giving their one month salary to hire a vehicle for bringing the students from their home to school, but it also seems to have no impact as this year only six student have been admitted to Class VIII, while 20 students in class IX and 34 student are reading in class X.

The teachers are also worried about their jobs as the school is under block grant system and they also don’t get any government assistance nor they have provision for transfer.  So, in order to keep their jobs the teachers have hired a vehicle for last three to four years.

However, the number of student is decreasing each year even if the vehicle is bringing students from Talabahali, Salagadia, Kantabania areas.

Bijaylakshmi Das, principal of the school said that, “Teacher’s are paying around Rs 1.10 lakhs to hire vehicles, so that children come to school.”