Nuapada: Hundreds of irate women of five panchayats of the district on Sunday staged a protest rally demanding closure of country-made liquor shop and other illegal liquor shops in their locality.

Reportedly, the country-made liquor shop is near the Pachera Shiv temple so, the villagers want the shop to be closed.

The angry women also demanded the shifting of the liquor shop in villages to other areas and closing of the illegal liquor shop.

“Liquor has also affected family lives of residents as the drunkards beat their wives and children,” said an agitator.

Another woman protestor said that almost all male members of the village have been addicted with the alcohol damaging the financial strength too.

The irate women said they restored to agitation after the administration and excise personnel failed either to close down or shift it even after their repeated complaints and requests.

The agitating women have also warned of dire consequences if steps are not taken to ban sale of liquor in the coming days.