Bhubaneswar: A woman’s beauty, care, love, and pain she endures at various stages of life have been sketched on the canvas by several women artists of the State and are on display at the Orissa Modern Art Gallery (OMAG) here in the city.

On the eve of International Women’s Day, a painting exhibition called ‘Art Era’ kick-started on March 7. The exhibition will conclude on March 13.

Painter Manisha Samal’s painting displayed in the gallery, depicted love, friendship and bonding. In her painting, the female bird illustrated that ‘she loves, she cares and these qualities make her powerful and different’. “My painting also described that, a woman is kind, beautiful and empathetic. A woman loves everyone with all her heart,” said Manisha.

Manisha, a techie, is currently residing in Bangalore.

Showcasing the struggling life of a woman, painter Nibedita Patnaik’s painting in acrylic depicted a woman’s struggle in her daily life. She had also depicted how a woman’s struggle will overcome the household chores and find some time to play with the colours.

“I feel women are the master keys of their homes. They take their homes in right directions, due to which, I always put impressions of keys in every painting of mine,” said Nibedita.

“In the painting, I have shown a woman in a form of wood doll (Katha Kandhei) and also given a reflection of goddess in her face who struggles to find time in her daily chores and at the same time controls the master key of her home. The impressions of butterfly symbolises love, affection and feminism, “she added.

Painter Pragyan Priyadarshini Nayak created her work with the theme ‘Uncertain life’. Her painting depicted that women are always ready to face uncertain things of life. They have that much of courage to face all odd situations also.

Pragyan is now studying at Balasore Art and Craft College.

A total of 44 women artists have contributed paintings in the exhibition.

Other paintings of the gallery depicted the problems that women are facing in the society, social responsibility, the feelings and daily lives of women.