Staying healthy and fit plays a vital role in making us happy and wealthy in life. However due to the hectic and busy schedules very often health gets neglected specially by women leading to health issues. Here are some easy and quick tips which will help you stay fit.

  • Reduce eating snacks in regular intervals: Do not skip meals and intake satiety-inducing nutrients in your meal. This will reduce your urge to have snacks between meals.



  • Concentrate while eating: Do not allow your mind to fly while having meals as if you get distracted you consume more food and eat longer time. So it’s better if you avoid music, TV, gossip etc while eating.



  • Relish your food and eat slowly: Psychologists suggest that chewing food thoroughly will increase ‘oro-sensory factors’, which send satiation signals to the brain, which will help in feeling full even if you had less food. So, enjoy the flavours and eat slowly.



  • When depressed find accompany: It is said that people most of the time eat more when they are sad, stressed out and depressed. So if u feel depressed or stressed find an accompany be it friends, family, or anyone who you can meet personally and spend time with thus forgetting the urge for food.



  • Feel free to eat your favourite food: Do not restrict yourself from eating your favourite food. So from the next time eat your favourite food but in a controlled way.

Sona and Navdeep, the backpacking couple, take their adventures to Gujarat!


  • Prefer smaller plates while eating: Take a small plate which will look full with less food instead a partial half plate which looks like a skimpy plate regardless of the actual quantity.

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  • Intake of water in taller glasses: Like a small plate with less food looks more, in the same way instead of taking water in glass with more width take in taller glasses so it looks less in quantity and thus you can consume more water.

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  • Do not skip breakfast: One should have healthy breakfast as it keeps you energetic and fuelled for optimal mental and physical performance for the rest of the day. So induce a lot of proteins in your breakfast which will actually suppress appetite and reduce eating at regular intervals rest of the day.