Kalahandi: Incessant rains pummelled Kalahandi triggering rise in water level in Hatti and Tel rivers causing flash floods in Kesinga and Narla areas. All the schools in the district were closed for today due to heavy rain.

“It is raining heavily incessantly in Kalahandi since the wee hours today. All schools in the district being closed today due to heavy rain, communication disruption, some schools being used as shelters for evacuees etc,” said a Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) communiqué.

“Hatti river on the road between Junagarh and Bhawanipatna is overflowing on the bridge. Water levels slightly increased than yesterday. Water level in the Tel river is increasing. Many bol bam devotees had arrived at Belkhandi Shiva mandir there. Staff has been sent there from Kesinga police station,” it added.

While rescue teams opened Jaipatna road communication between Bhawanipatna and Gunpur affected. Rail line at Rupa Road under Narla block was also submerged disrupting rail traffic.