Cold and flu symptoms can make you miserable. When your nose is clogged, your throat’s raw, and your whole body aches, you want relief — and fast. So, here are few remedies for cold that you can find easily in your household to recover from:

      1. A Cup of Hot Ginger Tea

Ginger tea


A steaming cup of ginger tea is an excellent remedy for those nasty bouts of cold.The secret lies in ginger’s anti-inflammatory property, which drags out excess fluids from your infected throat. Plus, the soothing effect of hot tea is excellent for soreness.

Just add two teaspoons of grated ginger while preparing your usual cup of chai, and you are all set to fight the cold.

  1. Honey


It is not a coincidence that honey is also called liquid gold.With its antibacterial, anti-viral, and antioxidant properties, raw honey is the perfect natural remedy for curing cold.

All you need is a spoonful of it in a glass of warm water (or milk), and you can calm your coughing throat for at least a few hours. In fact, slurping it directly is also useful as it forms a wonderful layer over your throat that helps reduce soreness.

  1. Regular Salt-Water Gargle

Salt water gargle

Salt is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, and thus, the perfect remedy for an aching throat.

Just mix 1-2 teaspoons in a glass of water and gargle gently for at least 30 seconds.Repeat this 3 – 4 times a day and you will notice a considerable improvement in your condition.

  1. Garlic

A powerhouse natural antibiotic, anti fungal, and antibacterial, garlic can tackle almost any illness. For the most potent effect, finely mince 1-2 cloves or garlic and float in a small glass of water. Drink quickly- if you are sick enough, you won’t even notice the taste.

  1. Turmeric Milk

Turmeric Milk

Turmeric Milk has been used as a remedy since ages in many different forms for cold and flu. It gives an instant relief form cough, mucus or congestion in throat