Everyone loves winters, but as winters arrive we mainly are worried about how to style our woolen clothes in the ethnic wears or day to day clothes. So, here is a guide on how you can incorporate your winter clothes with your day to day and make it a fashion statement:

  1. Sweater

Instead of the blouse you can opt for a much fitted sweater in a solid colour that can be tucked inside your saree petticoat and will drive away the cold as well as make you look fabulous. Even try a polo-neck sweater in black for example and accessorize with chunky jewelry. You can do the same with a lehenga and swap the blouse for a fitted sweater or a cardigan, but leaving the top few and bottom few buttons of the cardigan open, whilst showing a bit of midriff. When wearing a saree, try to just throw the unbuttoned cardi over your shoulders like a cape.

  1. Short jacket/Blazer

Instead of the usual blouse, try wearing a waist length jacket that obviously goes well with the saree, anarkali or lehenga. The jacket can be a Nehru jacket or any style you fancy. Even a black formal blazer with some detailing would work too and this looks equally good with Indian suits.

  1. Floor length jacket

If you’re feeling a bit daring and out of your usual league, try teaming your saree or chosen item of Indian wear with a floor length interesting jacket. It definitely gives a boring saree a red carpet appeal. Ensure that the jacket has some detailing whilst keeping your saree/lehenga minimalistic, so that the jacket is your statement piece; as too much going on everywhere would go terribly wrong.

 4. Scarves and wraps

Jazz up your winter outfit with lovely silks and woolen scarves. For a formal look, go for simple, sophisticated silk scarves. For a relaxed look, opt for bright woolen scarves in funky colors and soft fabrics.

  1. Pallu/Dupatta as a scarf

If you’re looking at keeping your neck warm and you’re missing your wooly scarves, then fear no more. As opposed to letting the pallu fall over your shoulder, why not drape the pallu around your neck and bring it in a straight-line down the front or wrap around like a scarf. Similarly, you can exchange your usual dupatta with a thicker silk or velvet scarf and accessorize your suit.

  1. Pants/Leggings

A very simple option of styling a saree is to wear it with some warm leggings and no one can tell and yet you will beat the cold. But, if no one can see your lowers then what fun is that! Try draping your saree in a more Grecian style where your pants (preferably fitted ones) are visible. This gives a fusion look and will make heads turn any day. Pair with pumps instead of usual sandals, so that feet is tucked away in your shoes.