Nabrangpur: In shocking incident, Dhanasuli villagers are reportedly worshiping a minor girl, after she claimed to have seen the incarnation of Goddess Parbati in a forest under Tumbarla panchayat in Papadahandi block in the district for the last five days.

According to reports, the minor girl Dalimba Mahali (15) had gone to nearby forest five days ago for collecting mushroom where she reportedly fell unconscious.

However, she regained consciousness after some time and returned her home. But after she returned from the forest she behaved differently, and was talking to herself.

Following which, her family members questioned her, and she answered that she had seen Goddess Parbati in the jungle and asked them not to touch her for 21 days. She claimed that the Goddess has ordered her to build a Gupteswar Temple in the forest.

Next morning, Dalimba was not found in her home, when her family members searched her they found her sitting near a termite mound in the forest.

Sources said, Dalimba has not taken food and water from the last four days and has been sitting quite near the termite mound.

Reportedly, when the news of Dalimba spread in the village, a large number of people believing her to be possessed by divine spirit are rushing the spot to pay obeisance to her.

Villagers have also put up a temporary tent and guarding her.

The incident shows that how blind beliefs are still prevalent in the inner areas of the state and how people are still ignorant and superstitious due to lack of education and awareness.