Puri: At a time when we are regularly coming across articles and news stories about farmer suicide and distress sale of crops, but here a group women who have successfully taken up farming as their livelihood.

A group of 36 women farmers of Khanijipur village under Gop block in district have become successful farmers.

With limited sources these women farmers have doubled their income from farming and have turned role models for their fellow male farmers.
Sukanti Nayak one of 35 farmers of the area have harvested 27 quintal of paddy per acre each.

At a time when farmers of the state are facing problems in selling their produce, these women face no such problem as the mill owners procure from them directly due to the quality of the paddy.

This year the women farmers have sold their harvest at Rs 1,370 per quintal and earned Rs 14,000 from one acre of land when other farmers are not even getting Rs 12,000 from one acre land.

These women farmer achieved this due to modern farming techniques and financial help of the Philippines based International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and NGOs.

The women were given training under ‘Small farmer Larger Field’ programme, which aims at sustainable collective farming by bringing small share-croppers together and grow their produce in one vast area.