Skin care is important year-round, but it becomes even more important during the harsh, cold , chilly winters. The cold winds damage the skin, leaving it rough and chapped. During this time of year, skin needs a little extra care so here are some remedies for a soft and glowing skin:

Don’t forget to apply SPF

The sun might not be harsh during winters but you still need a protection against harmful UV ray that is hitting your skin. Therefore, protecting your skin is crucial ahead of stepping out on a sunny day. Applying a sun-screen lotion helps in protecting the skin from dullness. Invest in a sunscreen that suits your skin type with a balanced SPF and has natural UV fighting agent to keep it radiant and glowing.



In order to maintain a healthy skin always moisturize your skin. Moisturizing rejuvenates the skin by providing it the required nutrients making it radiant and youthful. When choosing a moisturizer, go for the one which is rich in quality but at the same time isn’t too greasy as you don’t want excessive oil on your skin. Always read the key-components and its skin-friendliness with specific types to avoid skin problems. The ones with 100 % natural ingredients make the best choice as they are made out plants and flowers extracts, providing maximized result without the fear of skin reactions. Using hand and foot creams regularly will help you get rid of cracked heels and rough hands.

Don’t forget to exfoliate

People often assume exfoliation dries the skin more in winters, but you need to exfoliate the skin during winters as well, as the skin is dry and the dead cells in it prevent the moisture from getting in it. You can use a rich and nourishing exfoliator that not only removes the dead cells but also polishes and nourishes your skin; for example Alanna’s Age No Bar Almond Scrub.

Stay hydrated

In winters as we don’t sweat much, we seldom realize the need to drink water, but staying hydrated is very important during winters. Not drinking enough water can rob your skin of its moisture. Hence, water intake must be maximum to keep body moisturized from inside.