Bhubaneswar: Sabitri Brata is being celebrated for the wellbeing and long life of husbands. All the married women across the State are today celebrating Sabitri Puja with fervour.

The transgenders also observed Sabitri Brata with great devotion and fervour fasting for their husbands here in the city.

Under the leadership of Bright Life Welfare Charitable Trust president Sweety Kinner and Kinner Mahasangh leader Pratap Sahu, hundreds of kinners reached Ram Mandir today with fruits and flowers. They worshiped Lord Rama, Laxman and Sita with devotion. Then they worshiped their Guru (leader) as husband.

As per kinners’ tradition they believe their Gurus, as husband.

Kinner’s leader Sonam kinner, Gudli, Surama, Reena, Khusi and Babi were present, among others in the programme.