Sonepur: A large number of women on Tuesday took the law into their hands and ransacked a grocery shop for allegedly selling liquor illegally at Badakhamar village in Birmaharajpur area in Sonepur district.

The women in the locality had launched a campaign for total prohibition in the area and appealing to all stakeholders in the area to cooperate with them for a better society.

However, defying their request a person was selling liquor in his grocery shop illegally. The agitating women alleged that locals in the area are getting addicted to liquor due to its unrestrained sale at the grocery shop causing disturbances in families.

Today the women in the locality took the law into their hands and reached near the shop in a rally holding placards and raising anti-liquor slogans. They also staged demonstration in front of the shop demanding immediate closure of liquor shops in the area.

Later, the angry women smashed the liquor bottles worth thousands.

Renuka Mahanada, an agitating woman said since the locals have taken a oath to close all the liquor shops in the locality they would not allow to do liquor trade in the area.

She said that the shop owners will not co-operate with them they will force to move against them legally.